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Our Mission

Life Academy Mission is to provide students with a healthy, Christ-centered atmosphere that places equal emphasis on religious instruction and academic achievement.

Core Values


This list of core beliefs will guide our decision-making as we go forward with our objective.

​Our desire is to nurture each student's intellectual and spiritual growth so that they leave Life Academy with a firm foundation in Christ. Therefore, we give each student an education that is replete with biblical truth in every area, and encourage them to use their minds and hearts to form a worldview based on their core beliefs.


The Vision of Life Academy is to provide a Christ-centered education that integrates spiritual, academic, social, physical, and emotional training in order to assist each student develop a secure grasp on their unique gifts and acquire the skills necessary for integrity and success.


Our motivation and dedication at Life Academy is to:

  • Introduce students to the foundational truths of the Bible that can be applied to any field of study.

  • Instruct them to evaluate their own understanding in light of those biblical standards.

  • Provide a well-rounded educational curriculum supported by an administration and faculty committed to tailoring services to students needs.

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