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Our work at Life Academy has redefined what K–5 education looks like when the student is at the heart of the curriculum. One of our primary goals is to assist students in developing their own learning experiences.

Our curriculum is exceptional in Osceola County and intellectually demanding, intriguing, and engaging. Our main objective is to provide each student with a unique and cutting-edge learning environment.


We offer a setting that fosters intellectual development and emotional support tailored to the needs of our students. Because of the Life Academy's strong sense of community and low student-teacher ratio, we can offer small instructional groups that give each student a personalized learning experience. Every subject area in the curriculum places a big emphasis on teaching 21st-century skills. A 21st-century skills-based curriculum shifts away from content learning and rote memorization in favor of concentrating on the skills and aptitudes that will best benefit the young brains of our day. Instead of simply imparting knowledge, we advocate for active student participation and cross-disciplinary, hands-on learning. 

At Life Academy, we use the A.C.E. Christian curriculum, which has a proven mastery-based system of learning. Combined with a STEM-based curriculum that we've implemented, our students gain more than just a casual introduction to the advantages of the arts and technology. It routinely integrates these benefits into every facet of the educational process. Each student entering completes an A.C.E. diagnostic test to determine skill and concept mastery. This helps us determine each student's academic needs.

The success of Life Academy is based on laying the best possible educational groundwork for each student. Each instructor is dedicated to creating a love of learning, giving challenging academic education, and creating the most encouraging learning atmosphere. Every level of the curriculum is enhanced by the use of technology, which also promotes teamwork, systematic thinking, and problem-solving among students. Both the calendar and the curriculum are created to aid and direct students in realizing their greatest potential.

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