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Our School

The students and faculty of Life Academy are committed to building a Christian school that is both intellectually challenging and culturally sensitive. Our goal is to be a world-class academic and artistic institution. Joining together, we protect and advance education, and community, to build a better future.  At Life Academy, we encourage our students to think critically and purposefully with the end aim of reaching their full academic and personal potential while maintaining the highest standards of personal and professional integrity.


The faculty and administration are devoted to creating a stimulating and safe learning environment in which every student can flourish and develop to his or her fullest potential. High expectations, goal-setting, planning, action, and reflection are all part of a cycle of continuous learning and improvement in which all members take part. Through Reading and Writing Workshops and the development of language, literacy, and competency across all subject areas, we foster a culture of excellence that incorporates a rigorous instructional program connected to the official source of stands (CPALMS) for the state of Florida. The incorporation of STEM subjects into the curriculum and the development of a positive environment are two key components.


In order to achieve this goal, we have established a set of fundamental expectations and principles that serve as a guide for all aspects of student life. A healthy school culture is created where all students are treated with respect and dignity through encouraging curiosity, investigation, original thought, and imaginative expression through Arts integration enrichment activities and extended learning possibilities.


We provide staff professional development training in the form of coaching, collaboration, and the creation of professional learning communities with the goal of increasing instructors' capacity to enhance instructional methods and hasten the rate at which students succeed. 


To sum up, we believe in a community school approach that coordinates and leverages school and community-based partnership resources to help each student succeed and grow in ways that are consistent with the school's values.

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